Installing a Java Software Development Kit (JDK/SDK)

To get the latest version of the JDK, go to the Sun Java web site. Sun keeps changing the layout of its web site and the details of its terminology, but the following instructions are correct as of June 2007.

  1. Under "Popular Downloads" on the right hand side of the page, pick "Java SE".
  2. Click the download button next to "JDK 5.0 Update 8". (The update number may be higher than 8 by the time you read this; that's OK.)
  3. Accept the license agreement, then click the installation for your platform to download an installer.
  4. Run the installer and follow the instructions. I suggest accepting the default choices about which components to install.
Important: Remember the folder into which you have installed your JDK (or where you found an existing one). I will refer to this as your "JDK installation folder".

Note about Versions: If you have an older JDK on your computer, it may not be necessary to install a later one. If you're taking a Queen's course, check your course web page or ask your instructor which versions of Java you may use for your assignments.